These pages explain circulation services and policies, including borrowing periods, renewals, and return policies.

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Tablet PC rental service information

Seoul National University Central Library offers a tablet PC that can support non-face-to-face lectures and expand user access to information.

Borrowing Tablet PC (Click)


  • Users(Available) : Undergraduate students, Graduate students (including Research students)
  • Tablet PC(Available) : Galaxy Tab S6 Lite and iPad mini 5

    [Galaxy Tab S6 Lite]

    - Product Name : Galaxy Tab S6 lite(LTE)
    - Operating System : Android
    - Memory/HDD : 4GB/128GB
    - HDD : 128GB
    - Available numbers : 20
    ※ Providing Galaxy S-pen with Galaxy Tab

    [iPad mini 5]

    - Product Name : iPad mini 5
    - Operating System : iPadOS
    - Memory/HDD : 3GB/64GB
    - Available numbers : 2
    ※ Providing Apple pencil with iPad mini
  • Rental : 09:00 to 18:00 (1Day Loan)
  • Return : return by 21:00 on Weekday, 17:00 on Saturday (overdue fee 2,000 won per day)
    e.g) On Monday loan, return at 21:00 on Tuesday. On Friday, return at 17:00 on Saturday.
  • Pick up and return location : Information Service Center on the 2nd floor of the main building of the Central Library
  • How to use :
    Check the Central
    Library Homepage
    (Tablet PC Availability)
    Visit the information
    service center and
    Write a pledge
    Tablet PC loan
    Information service
    center visit and
    return processing
    ※ Reservations can be made if all devices are “on loan”
    (visit within 1 day after the user returns during the current rental period)
    Library homepage → Search ‘Tablet PC rental’ → Check ‘On loan’ → Request reservations and materials → Within 1 day after receiving notification visit



  • Users cannot disassemble or damage them at their discretion, and in case of breakdown or damage, the user must return it after repair.
  • If the user arbitrarily installs S/W on a rental electronic device, it must be deleted before returning the electronic device.
  • If you do not pay for the cost of restoring the original state after loss or loss of the device, you may be restricted from using the library.
  • The library is not obligated to preserve any personal data left on the returned electronic device, and the responsibility for loss lies with the user himself.