Return∙Overdue Fines


These pages explain circulation services and policies, including borrowing periods, renewals, and return policies.

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Return‧Overdue Fines

Returnable Items

Location Borrowed Items Reserved Items Return to Other Branches Processing Time
Information Service Center
in the Central Library
O O Borrowed Items from
9 branch libraries 2)
Information Service Center
in the 9 branch libraries1)
O O Borrowed Items from Central Library and 9 Branch Libraries Instantly
Automatic Return Machine
on 1st and 2nd Floor
of Central Library3)
Return Machine B)
X Instantly
Automatic Return Machine
of all Branch Libraries
O X O Instantly
Return Box at Dorms
and College of Engineering4)
O O O Returned that day5)
/Delivered the day after6)
Reference Room
(College and Research Center)
Should be returned to the reference room(not available return service)

1) Social Sciences, Business, Agriculture and Life Sciences, Veterinary Medical, Music, Medicine, International Studies, Dental, Law Library
2) Borrowed Items from Branch Libraries: returnable to loan desk of Central Library
3) Automatic Return Machine of Central Lbirary : 1F 24 hr / 2nd floor weekdays from 09:00 to 21:00, Saturday and holidays from 10:00 to 17:00, Sunday from 13:00 to 17:00
4) Return Box at Dorms and College of Engineering: Borrowed Items from CentralLibrary and Branch Libraries are returnable
5) After collecting, returning processed that day
6) Delivered the day after: Returned Items (owned by Branch Libraries) after 3:30pm.

Return Boxes

  • Locations
    • Student Dormitory
      • Bldg. 900 : at the gate of underground 2
      • Bldg. 920 (Global House) : at the entrance of Global House
    • College of Engineering
      • Bldg. 301 (#1 Engineering Education Building): next to the Security Booth on the 2nd floor
      • Bldg. 302 (#2 Engineering Education Building): next to the Nonghyup ATM on the lower 2nd floor

  • Collect Time
    • Weekdays: twice a day (10:30, 15:30)
    • Saturdays: once a day (11:00)
    • Non collecting days: Sundays, Public Holidays and closed days

  • Returning Process
    • Returned Items after 11pm on Saturdays: Processed as returned on Saturday
    • Return Processing for Non-collecting days: Processed as the day before that non-collecting day
      (Penalty might happen and SMS might be sent but actual process is not.)
    • If your loan limits are exceeded, you should return directly to the loan desk of the Central Library
      or before Saturdays/non-collecting days (Saturday, Sunday, and Holiday : 13:00~17:00)

  • Notice
    • Each item should be upward (the cover or barcode attached side) put down on the machine (one item for one time).
    • You should check the process result on the day after from the Library homepage.
    • It is not processed if yo u just put items on the Return Box.
    • If items are too large so that they don’t fit the Return Box,
      they should be returned to the loan desk of Central Library or Branch Libraries.

The courier return

  • Address : Information Service Center. 2nd floor of the Seoul National University Library, 1 Gwanak-ro, Gwanak-gu, Seoul 08826, South Korea
  • ※ We are unable to cover the courier cost.
  • ※ Determination of the return time is based on the time when the courier arrived

Overdue Penalties

  • Books that have not passed the expiration date may be renewed anytime within the maximum extension period
    (three times the user’s loan period)
  • Daily overdue fines: \200 per book. (\300 per requested book). Standard Loan books and requested books have a 2 day 'grace period' after the due date during which fines will not be incurred. If the item is returned after the grace period, fines are incurred for that whole period.
  • Overnight loan (17:00~the next day10:00 ) overdue fine \200 per hour
    (Main Library Reference Room_Course Reserve, TRCCS, reference, map, Book Cafe_SNU Professor‘s writings)
  • Overdue fine can be paid by card, online or cash
    • Card : Main Library main building 1F Return room, 2F Book Borrowing/Return Kiosk
    • Online : Homepage > login > My library > Online payment
    • Cash : Main library or Branch Library Book Borrowing/Return
  • if there are non-return books or late fee, the suspension of issuance of the certificate and restrictions on the use of the library will occur.