Donation & Gifts

• To make a gift, please visit the "Friends of the Library" website.    Friends of the Library

Donations and gifts of books

Materials Donation Guide

  • Donations and gifts of books, CD's and other means of support are always welcomed and appreciated. It is by the generosity of local service organizations, various global groups, colleges, friends and personal donors that we are able to provide students, faculty members and researchers with outstanding sources of knowledge and information. If you have any questions or inquiries about donating materials to the library, please refer to the contact info provided. We also accept cash donations for SNU Development Fund.
  • Cash donation through ‘SNU Development Fund’ is also enabled.

Donation guidelines on handling personal materials to the Central Library

Expression of Intention

Anyone wishing to make a donation may fill out Certificate of Donated Materials and Articles, by clicking below.

Certificate of Donated Materials and Articles

Making Your Donation

You may visit us with your donations, or simply send the materials to the library by mail. For a donation of an incredible quantity that requires an alternative means of transporting, a pick-up service can be arranged through the library.

* Special Privileges for Donors

  • Over 5000 books in donation
    A gold name plate attached on the Honorary Donors Board in the Central Library with your name engraved, along with a plaque of appreciation,
    a Commemorated Library Collection under your name and a special library membership.
  • Over 1000 books in donation&nbsp
    A gold name plate attached on the Honorary Donors Board in the Central Library with your name engraved, along with a certificate of appreciation,
    and a Commemorated Library Collection under your name.
  • Over 100 books in donation
    A certificate of appreciation.

Method of Donation

  • Materials may be donated via mail, home-delivery service, or personal visit to the library.
  • If the quantity of materials is outsized, our library may personally visit and accept the items.
  • When donating cash through SNU Development Fund, fill in ‘Central Library’ on the Supporting Institution slot of Participating Contents on ’Online Application’ and select Fund Use as ‘Books’.

To. Donation
  • Address : Seoul National University Library Gwanak-ro 1, Gwanak-gu, Seoul 08826
  • TEL : 880-5284, 5466 

Donor Privileges

  • If the number of donated books exceed 1,000 volumes or the total price of registered books exceed \10 million, a nameplate will be attached on the entry hall bulletin board of the Central Library and be presented with a scroll of appreciation; in accordance with the donator’s preference, special reading pass of SNU Library will be granted.
  • The names of donors are listed on the bottom of title page for management purposes.